Minetest Server List:

1. This is a browseable version of the Final Minetest server list. It's limited to the top 125 Minetest servers.

Unlike the limited Old Minetest server list, this list is responsive to device dimensions. Try making the window wider or narrower.

The list includes only Final MT and Old Minetest 0.4 servers. Old Minetest 5 servers are incompatible due to being a buggy fork.

2. The Final Minetest server list is P2P-based.

If you're a world host and you'd like to be on a server list, but you don't want to be locked-in to any one website, you can use P2P to have it both ways.

This is a feature that Old Minetest won't offer you at any price.

The Old Minetest group uses its server list to maintain control of world hosts through fear of removal. In Final Minetest, if you set up a P2P list node, no single website can delete you from the list as a whole.

As a bonus, in your node, you can put your worlds at the top of the list.

This deal is a steal.

3. If you use Final Minetest as a server, and set up server announce as follows in world.conf, your server will announce here by default:

Your phone or window is too narrow to display the code. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC.

port = 30000 public_serverlist = true server_address = myhostname.com server_announce = true server_description = Cool server server_name = Argo City

Old Minetest 0.4 servers are allowed to announce here as well. To make that happen, set serverlist_url as follows in addition to the preceding settings:

serverlist_url = http://servers.minetest.org:32000

4. Announcement of IPV6 addresses is not yet working.

World address Name Version Description
servers.minetest.org:30022 Bucket City 6.0.0 [oldcoder] Bucket City Schems Collection
servers.minetest.org:30023 Wonder World 6.0.0 [oldcoder] Wonder World
minebest.org:30011 Legends of Survival 6.0.0 [oldcoder] Legends of Survival
minebest.org:30020 Lord of the Test 6.0.0 [oldcoder] For LOTR fans.
minebest.org:30006 Redcrab 6.0.0 [oldcoder] Redcrab Museum
minebest.org:30001 Kray and C55 worlds 6.0.0 [oldcoder] Kray and C55 worlds. Ancient cities from 2010 to 2012.
minebest.org:30008 Shadow Server 6.0.0 [oldcoder] ShadowNinja's Creative World
minebest.org:30013 Landrush 6.0.0 [oldcoder] Famous Technic and Pipeworks world.
minebest.org:30005 OldCoder Skyblock 6.0.0 [oldcoder] OldCoder Skyblock will Leave You in Shock
minebest.org:30012 Finerealms 6.0.0 [oldcoder] Finerealms is yours and minerealms. Massive museum world.
minebest.org:30015 MineClone2 6.0.0 [oldcoder] Not Minecraft (tm) but may feel familiar.
minebest.org:30009 Switchboard PVP 6.0.0 [oldcoder] Switchboard PVP
minebest.org:30026 OldCoder SkyDoom 6.0.0 [oldcoder] SkyBlock Survival is Death on Arrival
minebest.org:30070 Coderland 6.0.0 [oldcoder] French, English, Spanish. World under construction.
minebest.org:30010 LinuxWorks Original 6.0.0 [oldcoder] LinuxWorks Original.
minebest.org:30029 OldCoder Openmine 6.0.0 [oldcoder] Ethereal V7 Mapgen World
minebest.org:30027 CoderBlox 6.0.0 [oldcoder] It's Bloxy.
minebest.org:30028 OldCoder Mandelbox 6.0.0 [oldcoder] Visit a Fractal World. Under reconstruction.
minebest.org:30019 OldCoder Farlands 6.0.0 [oldcoder] Farlands deserves Garlands. World will be merged elsewhere.
minebest.org:30030 RPGrandolf 6.0.0 [oldcoder] RPG world that is RPGrand
minebest.org:30018 OldCoder Meowtest 6.0.0 [oldcoder] It's the NinjaKitten's Meow
minebest.org:30014 Amhi 6.0.0 [oldcoder] The original Amhi is back! It has been brought back up by OldCoder, bobr, and Edgy1. This server is very lightweight and stable, great for mobile clients or older computers.
minebest.org:30007 SONOS Test [oldcoder] SONOS will live on
minebest.org:30041 Asylum 6.0.0 [oldcoder] Asylum
minebest.org:30040 CrowNos 6.0.0 [oldcoder] CrowNos
lsw.edgy1.net:30002 LS-Wonderland [edgy] Welcome to LS Wonderland, owned by longerstaff13! The IRC is at irc.edgy1.net, #ls-servers.
mt.edgy1.net:30006 Empire of Legends [edgy] Welcome to EoL! PvP in the style of ancient world. Here you can: build, fight monsters, survive and just have fun with friends. Good luck, brave warrior!
edgy1.net:30025 CatLandia [edgy] Welcome to CatLandia, owned by Gracye and hosted by Edgy1.
edgy1.net:48001 Vineland [edgy] A new relaxing server with lots of default privs and easy to gain more. Great for inexperienced users to learn the game, and for experienced users to show their skills. Here we are all crazy like you!
eu2.multicraft.world:30000 MultiCraft Survival Server 1.2.1 Official MultiCraft Survival Server. European Location, No Lags! BLUESTONE, MOBS, MORE BLOCKS!
eu1.multicraft.world:30000 MultiCraft Creative Server [Mapgen v7p] 1.2.1 Powerful European MultiCraft Creative Server. No Lags! BLUESTONE, MOBS, MORE BLOCKS! IFS (IhrFussel's Server) Survival server with MMO elements and events based on ingame time. PvP is optional.
red.cat5.tv:30000 Red Cat Creative Creative stuff only.
games.minetestrh.ru:30001 New Russian Harbor 2019 New Russian Harbor 2019 Survival X Don't go out at night! Powerful Dedicated Minetest Server located in Kansas City/US.
fivetwoone.ddns.net:52199 Survival server No. 521 This server is a side-server for Minetest server 521. Pure survival. Subgames for all! OLD! Includes Mesewars: Eggwars in Minetest, Hide and Seek and Skywars! Use the orginal minetest-client only! By Connecting you accept that your IP-address might get stored to block malicious users and might get uploaded anonymous to third party websites. Utopia 0.4.16 Minetest survival server
mtpotatoland.us.to:30000 PotatoLand USA: The Mystery of the French Fry A Sweet (modded) Potato: lots of mods, plenty of room. Running in an i7 with an SSD.

Warning: experimental mods running on this server. It may crash. If so I'll bring it back up ASAP. [RU] L.O.R.D. 0.4.16 minetest .
my-web.xyz:30000 My-web.xyz server (CZE) Minetest server located in Czech Republic [JP] Survival Survival in a world.No PVP.
dl.esprc.club:55555 Dark Lands Survival Survival where even darkness itself will hurt you.
minetest.servegame.com:30003 [MSC] Skyblock_ng Build your island with limited resources. New Generation
fozland.com:30000 Fozland 0.4.16-dev Mine, stake a claim, build, survive and learn to fly! A descendant of Ayntest. Have fun! [MSC] Sandbox Just a sandbox server
linux-forks.de:30000 LinuxWorks Next Generation This is the LinuxWorks next Generation server at its new address. This server is full of trains.
minetest.servegame.com:30000 [MSC] Creative Choose a place that you like and build what you love.
minetestgermany.duckdns.org:30004 Metis - Legend of Minetest 0.4.16 Minetest-Server - Legend of Minetest - Germany
gallifrey.freedombox.rocks:30000 Gallifrey Luft auf neuer, schnellerer Hardware! DEUTSCHER SERVER! Gallifrey ist der Planet von Doctor Who. Kontaktadresse: minetest.gallifrey@posteo.de
ctf.esprc.club:4444 Capture The Flag (ESP) Subgame: Capturetheflag, loaded with submachine guns!
ugxaero.dynu.net:33151 UGX Realms 0.4.16 The underground world has been transformed by the Dungeon Master of CaveRealms!

This survival server features: PVP toggle button, TNT, Unified inventory, MOBS, Teleport request, and much more!
metis4.duckdns.org:30003 Metis - Moontest 0.4.16 Minetest-Server - Moontest - Germany PVP Anarchy with Mobs and Guns! PVP Anarchy! Only one rule, NO CHEATING! On our server you can do what you # want. Mine, build, raid, battle to the death...

Or even travel far from spawn and just play with your friends like it was your own server!

We have Guns and Crossbows (Shooter Mod) and Animals, Monsters, & Horses (Mobs Redo and mobs_mc Mods)
mt.rbose.org:30000 Liberty Land 0.4.16 Welcome to Liberty Land
beha.zapto.org:30000 Survival in Ethereal Ethereal Mapgen, Lots of Mobs, Technic and Mesecons
framinetest.org:30000 [FR] Framinetest [oldcoder] [FR]Le bac sable Minetest de Framasoft (fait pour s'amuser) leo-cat100's Plutonia 0.4.16 modded server with mapgen version 7
justtest.duckdns.org:30000 just test My home server to study or to play.
eu1.multicraft.world:40003 MultiCraft Creative Server FLAT WORLD 1.2.1 Official MultiCraft Creative server. FLAT WORLD! Powerful European Server, No Lags! BLUESTONE, MOBS, MORE BLOCKS!
minetest.serveminecraft.net:30002 Mark Server - NYC 0.4.16 Survival world - you can: dig, craft, set home, warp spawn, kill mobs, plant and mutch more! Server by Mark. More info on forum
schleppfehler.org:30000 Schleppfehler noch ein anderer Survival-Server; Tag-Nacht-Zyklus: 30min; leeres Password nicht erlaubt; Befehle: /mapfix , /vote_kick ; /teleport ist deaktiviert
librecontent.de:30000 Metis 0.4.16 Minetest-Server - Germany [MSC] Skyblock Build your island with limited resources. (original version from cornernote) [JP] Simple A simple world for beginners and kids. PVP, Lava, Fire are disable.
illuna.rocks:30003 [CTF] Illuna's Capture the Flag - Deep Forest 0.4.16 Prove your skills in a deep and mystic forest. Confuse your enemy by climbing in the treetops. [MSC] Survival Will you survive?
krondor.neoascetic.me:30000 Krondor Survival server NerdValley Chill out. Automate everything.
beerarchy.tk:30024 Beerarchy 0.4.16 No rules, no moderation, no help from ADMIN, password required, not suitable for mobile; Free speech, 18+, extreme anarchy survival.
minetest.highvoltage.tv:30000 highvoltage.tv minetest server Minetest server for highvoltage.tv. World recreated for bug fixes and new features.
minetestpolska.ddns.net:30000 Minetest Polska 0.4.16 Minetest polski serwer gry. Wszelkie wagi prosze kierowac na adres MinetestSerwerPolska@gmail.com
ctf.nasa-g0v.com:30000 ctf.nasa-g0v.com 0.4.16 CTF.NASA-G0V.COM Cyberia 0.4.16 A modded survival server featured on youtube channel
joesworld.zapto.org:30000 Joes Miniwelt TechPack Server in deutscher Sprache mit vielen coolen Mods.
minetest.king-arthur.eu:30000 King Arthur Minetest Server The medieval minetest server. maxiserv 01 Minetest server maxiserv 01
hard-soft.meyer-franke.com:30000 Aman ein deutscher Minetest-Server aus Hamburg 0.4.16-dev Aman ist ein deutscher Minetest-Server, der auf einem privatem Ubuntu Server aufgesetzt ist. Viel Spass! Forum:


Teamspeak 3: hard-soft.meyer-franke.com Forum:
diaspora.com.ar:30003 Diaspora* Argentina server Minetest server powered by Diaspora* Argentina
minetest.projekt-hirnfrei.de:30000 Projekt Hirnfrei Beta (german) 0.4.17-dev Deutscher Server ohne PvP und verschiedenen Mods! funny survival Survival server with some mods. password: Brokkolie
t1.tchncs.de:30000 ..:: the VIP World of Illuna ::.. 0.4.15-dev Shiny grieferfree world with tasty mods, rockin' on premium hardware! You need to prove yourself at out TechEth server first.
metis3.duckdns.org:30002 Metis - Lord of the Test 0.4.16 Minetest-Server - Lord of the Test - Germany
minetest.homelinux.net:30005 *** Swiss survival server *** 0.4.16 Use strict 0.4.16 protocol - password required! - read the /rules!
games.acidlinux.com:30000 |Ac!D| G.L.D Minetest Server |Ac!D| G.L.D Minetest Server
minetesthosting.com:30674 TGK&F 0.4.16 TGK&F Run your own server at MinetestHosting.com!
metis2.duckdns.org:30001 Metis - Tutorial 0.4.16 Minetest-Server Tutorial - Germany
world.pharos.rocks:30000 BALI Kids A world for my kids and their friends from BALI. The default password is required.
minetesthosting.com:31932 Chiatown2 0.4.17
fivetwoone.ddns.net:52188 Minetest server No. 521 This Minetest Server is mostly about building, but we have a slight focus on Survival, too. We have Survival Events from wednesday to saturday.
jt2.intraversal.net:30002 JT2 @test@ 4.14-dev Anarchy survival in an all-stone world. BIOLUMINA (v0.4.16) - Serveur FR 0.4.16-dev [FR] BioLumina - Mods Pipeworks et Technic disponible
minetest.gerloni.net:30000 Lui-Gs Minetest-Server Daddeln bis der Arzt kommt! Freie Welt Deutscher Minetestserver mit einigen Mods. www.minetest-freiewelt.ch
heuschrecke.mooo.com:30500 Sky World Subgames 0.4.15 Available Subgames: Mesewars, Guns, PVP, TNTWars, Spleef, SpeedJump, Downer, Wooler
heuschrecke.mooo.com:30400 Wildes Land 2 0.4.15 Deutscher Survival Server mit starken Monstern auf dem viel Wert auf gutes Benehmen gelegt wird MinetestForFun CREATIVE 0.4.15 Creative server hosted by XorHub Community (our old name was MinetestForFun Team). (Based on our main server mods) [Visit xorhub.com for more informations] [RU] RealTest (test mode) 0.4.16 RealTest. minetest.ru. 01/06/2018 . MinetestForFun (Survival & PVP) [FR/EN] 0.4.15 Classic server hosted by XorHub community. This server have a class system(Warrior, Hunter, Wizard) and is highly modded, content-rich, good luck to survive and have fun! [Visit xorhub.com for more informations]
rdp.hobbyshelf.website:30000 Airwolf 0.4.16 PvE Minetest Survival Server MinetestForFun HUNGER GAMES 0.4.15 Hunger Games server hosted by XorHub Community (our old name was MinetestForFun Team). [Visit xorhub.com for more informations] LinuxGaming2.com 0.4.14-dev Family-safe, PvP Disabled, Building, Putter at your own pace funny creative Medieval creative server + mesecons, for interact privilege please read the rules Password: Brokkolie [JP] Lawless 0.4.16 No rule, Experimental server. MineOttersleben 0.4.16 Dein virtueller Stadtteil Jackie White's Minetest Server 0.4.13 Minetest server powered by Debian U Build It! You can build all that you desire - if you survive. Terumet, moreores, plenty of building blocks and great mining fun.
home.der-he.de:31565 Mine test of Minetest for tbb Minetest server powered by Debian for tbb
world.pharos.rocks:30000 BALI Kids A world for my kids and their friends from BALI. The default password is required. MooseCraft 0.4.16 Serwer Minetest stworzony z myl o polskiej spoecznoci. Miej zabawy ;) Minetest Classic Welcome to minetest classic server.
ds-minetest.changeip.net:30000 ***Cluj World*** Minetest server for building a better Cluj-Napoca.
hm-server.minecity.online:30000 HM-Server Welcome to HM-Server!
minetest.lv:30000 Devil's Nest xSurvive. PVP enabled Edwards Town 0.4.16 The Escape 0.4.16 Escape and live your fantasy
minetest.hopto.org:30003 Mark Server - Mineclone2 Minecraft alike server Survival world - you can: dig, craft, set home, warp spawn, kill mobs, plant and mutch more! Server by Mark. More info on forum
setun.net:30002 Road Where is end?
minetest.nogods.be:30000 NoGods Minetest Server 0.4.15 Minetest server powered by NoGods [CN]Anderson's_server(xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:44666) A new land has been found(56,17,495 press F5),no area protect. Please don't distruction other player's builds. Don't pretend to be an adminstrator. It's not cool at all. A bug causes the server to crash, remove monster and testing.
internationalsurvivalgame.abilit.eu:30000 International Survival Game 0.4.12 Outrageously powerful server and bandwidth ! For you and for long-lasting ! Blue World Survival-world with trade, PvP and mesecons
setun.net:30005 Climbing to infinity 2 Explore 3D world LinusHSAO's MarsSurvive World Server 0.4.16-dev Let's do construction of Mars, we could make Mars better and to be the second Earth.A Mars Survival game based on Marssurvive mod.

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